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by Joshua

Sociability — the art of being social — has been in our hearts for a long time. It’s the feeling that inspired Three Monkeys hospitality group to open Urban Alchemy in 2018, and it’s the feeling that inspired you to make Urban Alchemy the place Arlington goes to bump into each other. 

At the beginning of 2020 we had big plans to open Sociability, our dream special event venue. We envisioned bringing it to life with you by filling it with the joy of your weddings, birthday parties, corporate celebrations, art exhibits, and all kinds of community workshops and gatherings.  

Photo - Brian Schultz
Photo – Brian Schultz

We all know the story of 2020, and each of us have a chapter within that story. Our chapter reads like a ride on the Texas Giant at Six Flags; at first scary, turbulent and unpredictable. Sadly, our original plans for Sociability were derailed and, for the time being, remain on pause. But as the months have gone by, we’ve continued to hold tight to our original idea of Sociability and began looking for other ways to manifest its spirit. As we looked, we began to understand this roller coaster ride will come to an end, exactly when and where it is supposed to lead us.   

Today, we’re launching Sociability as an online magazine dedicated to the art of being social. Each month, you’re invited to explore unique perspectives on  food and entertaining, art and artful living, kids’ stuff, and leadership from the heart. While we’ll meet new friends and shout out to special places in our home in the Greater Arlington, TX area, we’ll also take you on journeys far and wide.  

Specifically, you’re invited to explore six sections of original content that speaks to the core of being sociable, including: 

  • Artfully Yours: Music, visual arts, new media, dance, theatre: art  can be a powerful experience whether you are creating it or taking it in. We highly recommend you do both, and often.  
  • Bear & Squirrel: Inspired by a whimsical statue depicting an improbable friendship, Bear & Squirrel share kid-oriented ideas for having fun, being friends, and making memories together.  
  • Explore More: Never put off planning your next adventure, whether it’s close to home or far, far away. We’ll help get your creative ideas flowing about the thrill of getting there and being there.  
  • From the Heart: We love your style. Here, find  ideas for  living generously and serving joyfully, whether you’re living life to the fullest at home  or  hosting  a banquet hall of  hundreds.   
  • Generous Pour: Get to know some  truly  kind people who generously pour themselves into making a difference. Their dedication to serving and leading by example really are what makes the world go ‘round.  
  • On Trend: Your monthly  overview of food, wine and hospitality headlines, current events and predictions offered by the top noses and  palates of  local  foodies  and  industry insiders.  

We look forward to taking this adventure with you and following where it leads. We’re especially excited to work with our community of friends and collaborators to bring life to Sociability, striving always to inspire us all to “live generously and serve joyfully!” 

—Tony & Amy  

P.S. Are you interested in becoming a one-time or regular contributor to Sociability? Visit our contributor page to learn more. 

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