Unified Voices: Visiting a Buddhist Temple in Arlington

by Joshua

Editor’s Forward: We’re thrilled to be partnering this Fall with Dr. Erika Pribanic-Smith, Associate Professor of Communication at the University of Texas at Arlington, and members of her digital storytelling class. We invited the class to share insights into unique aspects of Arlington’s diverse culture. This month, we’re debuting that creative partnership with an original photo essay by UTA senior Stacey Main, who takes us inside the Tu Viện Phật Ân Buddhist temple.


Stacey wishes to thank Dr. Christine H. Huynh, who lives and works in Arlington and attends Tu Viện Phật Ân temple. Dr. Huynh is the author of The Symbolisms in Buddhism: As I Have Heard as well as several children’s books including, My First Dharma Book and The Buddha in Me.

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