In This Issue: From Me to We

by Joshua

For each issue of Sociability, I pen a Letter from the Editor which offers readers a simple “TripTik” of the month’s stories. Our contributors are welcome to — but by no means obligated to — write about a particular theme or concept. The theme we offered up for the February 2022 issue is From Me to We.

Now, this is ordinarily the part of my letter where I proffer a few philosophical thoughts about the month’s theme. However, there’s no way I can come close to the pure poetry offered by Dan Cavanagh in his story The Ensemble of Humanity.

Equally inspiring to me are the efforts of Larry Curry and Metro Sports Fieldhouse to keep Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dreams alive in our city.

Junior League of Arlington members volunteering for the AISD Back to School Kickoff.

In keeping with Larry’s story, how fortunate are we that SO MANY Do Gooders live and work in the Greater Arlington area? To us, Do Gooders are people with kindness in their hearts, a willingness to pitch in, and a passion for making a difference. Do Gooders are also non-profit organizations, for-profit businesses, clubs, and groups who make it a mission to serve needs within our community. Let’s make sure they all find each other! Please help Sociability build a comprehensive directory of year-round volunteer opportunities, donation drives, and community service ideas, plus arts, culture and charitable events in Arlington, Pantego and Dalworthington Gardens, TX. Click here to get started.

Don’t miss Lindsay Whittenberg’s reflections on the parallel lives artists lead in her story In Solitude and Fellowship.

Who doesn’t love a podcast? We sure do. Tune in to the mini-podcast produced by Kene Enemo about yoga studio owner Monica Garrison who turned a self-exploration into wellness practices into a business that helps other women do the same. Through her mini-podcast and photo essay, Stacey Main gives us two unique peeks inside the Dinosaur Safari exhibit at River Legacy, which closes February 12, 2022.

Finally, grab yourself a little “me time” by tagging along with our glass-all-full, intrepid traveler Lisa Farrimond as she discovers the joys of traveling solo during her recent trip to Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival.

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